Camping Tips – Part 1 

Whether you’re an orienteering expert who could be dropped onto a mountain with just a map and a compass or you’re more comfortable at home and you think the words OS Map have something vaguely to do with computers, we can all agree on one thing – everybody loves a nice bit of camping. To get you nice and prepared when you’re setting off for a nice relaxing weekend at a campsite or planning to do some wilderness camping as part of a hike, I’ve put together a few handy tips and tricks that might just come in useful.

Double Your Tent Size 

Despite what they might say on the label, a 2-person tent will rarely fit 2 people comfortably, especially when you add all their gear. To save yourself from a bit of a squeeze and the risk of unfortunate intrusions of personal space, it is always worth sticking to a simple general rule – use a tent that is twice the label size you need (i.e. a 4-person tent for 2 people). This way you’ll always have enough space for your bodies, your things and your personal space. 

Always Have Gaffer Tape, Bin Bags and Nylon Rope 

It’s a fact of life that things will always break at the least opportune time, and it doesn’t get any more inopportune than when you’re camping in the middle of nowhere. It’s well worth packing a few handy general purpose tools so that you can fix any problems, and believe me when I say that a combination of gaffer tape, bin bags and nylon rope is the epitome of general purpose.  

With this little toolkit, you’ll be able to repair tears to your tent, fix broken backpacks, add additional supports when it’s windy, keep your clothes dry in the rain and much, much more. There really isn’t much out there that you can’t fix with some gaffer tape, bin bags, nylon rope and a little ingenuity. 

Invest in a Good Sleeping Bag 

Even when you’re camping in a temperate country like the UK, you’ll be surprised at just how chilly it can get at night. You’re really going to regret only spending a few pounds on your sleeping bag when your toes feel like frozen sausages at 1 am. I recommend spending a reasonable amount on getting yourself a decent sleeping bag to keep you nicely snuggled and warm on the cold nights. 

Test Your Gear Before You Go! 

It might seem like a bit of a pain to test all your gear out before going on a camping trip, but you really don’t want to get to the point where you’re setting up your tent for the night and that is the moment that you see the 3-foot-wide hole in the roof. Spending a little bit of time in preparation can save you a lot of anguish later, and anyway, who doesn’t enjoy a spot of living room camping? 


That was a good start, but we’re not done with getting you ready for your next camping adventure yet. Make sure to come back soon to see a few more camping tips and tricks. 

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