Camping Tips – Part 2 

A little while ago, I lightened up your lives with the best darn partial list of tips and tricks for camping on the whole wide web. Such is the sheer scope and depth of my magnificence and sympathy with the common people (aka you) I’ve returned once again to grace your screens with yet another list of camping tips.  

Are you ready? 

Plan Out Your Meals 

One of the keys to good camping and hiking is to plan out as much of your time as possible and that includes planning out your meals in advance. Planning your meals makes it easy to know how much food you need to pack and carry with you and saves you from lugging around too much weight or taking up lots of room in your tent with food that you’re not going to use. Planning out your meals also helps you to avoid ending up eating cold beans out the can 3 nights in a row.  

Pack Some Chairs 

Sitting on the ground or a tree stump might be fun for a couple of hours and help you to live out your fantasy of being a traveller living out in the wilderness, but you’ll quickly get sore and fed up of sitting on hard surfaces. Packing a foldable camping chair will make sure that you always have somewhere comfortable to sit, no matter where you are, and it’ll really help to make your camping experience more pleasant. 

Take an Airbed and Space Blanket 

While the traditional camping experience might call for a soft mat and a sleeping bag, if you have the space to carry and airbed then it will make your life so much more comfortable and help you to get a better sleep. Since airbeds don’t provide much insulation against the cold ground, I’d recommend laying down a space blanket underneath the air bed to provide a layer of protection to keep out the cold and keep in the heat. 

Carry Some Good Lighting 

If you’re usually a resident of a city or any other built up area, you might not realise just how dark it can get at night in the country. When we’re talking dark, we mean “can’t see your hand in front of your face” dark. So, it is more than essential that you pack some good lighting to take with you when you go camping. A reliable, high power torch is a must, but you might want to consider an electric lantern too for softer light in and around your tent. 


Now, with just a little thanks to me, you should be more than prepared to get the very most out of your camping trip, and there is only one more thing to be said – have fun! 

Whoever said sequels weren’t as good? 

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