Tips for Hiking in the Summer 

Walking and hiking in the summer can be a hot and sweaty business, but it is also one of the best times of the year to see some really beautiful views, and in the UK it can be one of the rare times where you don’t end up cold and wet when hiking. To stop you from getting too hot and bothered and to help you really enjoy your time out in the sun, I’ve put together this handy list of tips to help you out. 

Dress Appropriately 

Hopefully, you’ll already be mostly doing this, but you’d be surprised at how many people you see out on a trail that are wearing jeans and a jacket in sweltering heat. Shorts and t-shirts are a good bet, but they might leave you a little too open to the sun, insects and any sharp bushes or nettles. I’d suggest wearing some full length but light clothing, particularly on your legs. Canvas can be a good choice, and there are plenty of trousers out there that have been designed to maximise airflow. 

Wear a Hat! 

While this might be going against that cool guy aura you have been so perfectly constructing, a hat is one of your best lines of defence against the heat and painful sunburns on your scalp. To ruin your stylish even more, the best hats are those that have large brims all the way around to protect your neck and ears as well as your eyes.  

If you really can’t face taking a hit to your ego, then at the very least wear a baseball cap – this will stop your scalp from taking lots of heat and will help you to see where you’re going without squinting like a crazy person. 

Plan Around the Heat 

One of your best bets to minimise being uncomfortable is to avoid the very worst of the heat by planning your hikes for the morning or evening. While it might be nice to take a walk in the afternoon and even stop for a picnic, this means that you’ll be doing all your exercise at the hottest time of the day. If there is one way to end up a sweaty, tired mess, then this is it. 

Water, water, water 

I’ll probably be sounding a bit like your mother now, but try and make sure that you pack and drink as much water as possible when you head out in the summer. Drinking water will help you to keep up your pace and will stop you from developing any headaches or worse, like heatstroke.  

Remember, hydration is king! 

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